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Calderwood Automation Inc. offers a wide range of automation and controls products and technical services to meet or exceed customer expectations.

Consultation: we collaborate with end-users and engineering firms to design an automation or controls system that ensures financial objectives and energy efficient strategies are achieved.

Systems Design: we generate automation or controls system drawings and schedules to satisfy specified requirements.


Project Management: not only do we execute our own projects, but we facilitate the delivery of project management services to partner companies.

System Graphics Development: we generate intuitive building automation system graphics according to end-user requirements.

System Programming: we build and customize automation or controls system programming to accomplish desired equipment control.

Field Commissioning: we inspect and verify control components/systems to make sure the installation was done as per manufacturers' instructions, and the sequencing satisfies intended operation.

Customized training solutions: we deliver on-site or in-house customer-oriented training that focuses on the technical aspects of control component/system software and hardware.  We are cognizant of the fact that end-users come from different backgrounds and experience; this is why our training is tailored to meet customer needs.